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The Project CRY-On Child Protection

The organisation is Implementing CRY project for child right, awareness is one of the core strategy of the project to provide child right to the child, RJSS has done innovation to aware the community, this is a drive mode with mission approach to understand each and every section of the society to inculcate the concept so that it become sustainable practice, become part and partial to practice such rights. To educate the women SHG was taken as platform, to educate the youths, Youths committee was selected , to aware the children, school was selected , to educate the Govt. Panchayat Raj , workshop , presence in health committee meetings , Panchayat Raj meeting was platform to aware the people.

Ensuring Participation in Aanganwadi

Aanganwadi is a rural child care centre which is established to combat child hunger and malnutrition. Aanganwadi centre provides basic health care in a village which includes nutrition education and supplementation, as well as pre-school activities for 3 to 6 years of age.
The project has played vital role in ensuring participation of the children, providing quality education at centre and has worked to mainstream in formal schooling to the next level. The organisation has tried to work on each of the objective of the Aanganwadi , has worked to ensure quality food , nutrition , helped in creating environment where children ‘s physical and mental state could grow.
Meri Patrika was used as tool to monitor the children their growth in targeted 200 children of 19 Aanganwadi Centre at Satganwan block of Koderma district, 36 children were found eligible for formal education in class 1st.

Irregular children to be enrolled Drop out children enrolled Regularize Mata Samiti Regular meeting with community
108 168 14 19 AWC

Model Anganwadi

Model, Prototype always speaks and easy for the people to follow, to replicate as a practical example and that’s with the community who believe in observing the thing happening within their whereabouts , the example created is easiest way to replicate rather using any tool. The organisation thrust is to create MODEL ANGANWADI, 7 Major Attributes of Model Anganbadi

Adolescent Group- A change Ambassador

Kishori Mandal is a platform provides Kishoris a confidence , decision power to take decision s for them selves , the platform has been acting a big role in doing changes and adopting the hellthy practices like sanitation , taking care of their general health , getting regular medication needed for them and are able to speak openly on child marriage on the geound of their health.

Village Child Protection Committee

Child protection committee is a village level committee to protect the different rights of the children by coordinating different organisation so that their right to survival, development, protection and participation rights could be safeguarded. The committee is run by Aanganwadi Sevika comprises of PRI members , SHG representatives , school committee members , NGOs representatives and Gram Pradhan of the villages

Stopping Child Marriage

The organisation is working on eliminating child marriage since 2012. The drastic change in child marriage is drop out from 80% to only 17% from 2012 to 2018. The organisation has done strong planning to combat the practice, the awareness drive through street play, awareness in schools, discussions with the intellectuals, Panchayat representatives and advocacy for the same with the religious Guru, intellectuals to made the system strong enough within the society so that the natural system could be built to avoid early marriage thus to check the death of the women for the larger benefit of the community, humanity.


The organisation is running child protection scheme for the Mica children, the noble project is protecting the children to avoid mica mining , taking education and helping their parents in creating alternate livelihood opportunity in the area.
Following are the major objective of the project

  • All children between 3-6 years of age complete Early Childhood Education and school preparedness.
  • 80% of children between 6-14 years of age achieve grade appropriate academic and co-curricular competency
  • Children at the village/Block/District level acts as Change Agents in 100% villages.
  • Village level Institutions (Primary/SMC/VLCPC/ SHGs/ VHSNCs etc.) actively addressing child right issues.
  • Livelihoods of parents are strengthened to address the needs of the children.
  • Community members are sensitized on rights of the children and access maximum welfare schemes of the government.


The project achieved major achievement in enrolling the children into mainstream school, providing their parents livelihood opportunity Major Achievement is as follows

Other achievements are

  • 18 children for the first time got birth certificate
  • Material and labour worth Rs.95, 000 were contributed by communities during the renovation of AWC and school.
  • 62 Children competency level were increased in language & math
  • First time 37 children from hard to reach area filled Navoday (a competition examination) application form in which 15 are girls.
  • Rs.6,50,550 is the profit amount from these IGAs.
  • Rs. 1,53,000,00 has been approved in our target area under Mgnrega schemes.
  • 409 Children actively participating in Baal manch.
  • 240 children first time involved in child right situation analysis.
  • 95 Children were improved their concentration, confidence Public speaking, and imagination skill through mobile library.
  • 12 trees are planted by the environment committee of Baal manch simratari.

Work on Safe Migration

Ensuring Safe Migration of Women

Migration of poor is always unsafe and risky too as they work under vulnerable condition as this is unorganised sector. Food insecurity in the lean period, unavailability of work at villages , unskilled labor are forced to migrate to earn to secure food , checking migration in the state is a massive task of government to provide employment at villages, blocks or at city so that the poor people may not migrate and should stay in state itself. The development graph of the poor is abysmal, the poor doesn’t get sufficient job and other opportunity due to its rain fed economy so they are force to move.
Migration for someone is very lucrative if getting good job, satisfactory, with incentive, safe as is been done by several migrating to other countries and in good places in country itself.
Understanding the situation, the organisation is working towards safe and meaningful migration of the poor. The organisation has been successfully mobilizing, doing awareness drive on safe migration concept. It has been great success after putting lot of effort in sensitizing the community, Government, NGOs, coordinating with Government department on it sustainability in the state also.
The people who migrate are been taken into group fold, 183 are such are been aware on different Govt. schemes like scheme of cow for milk, incense making etc.
Group of girls adolescent who migrates are been aware on their safe migration, 152 such girls are been educated on it and into group fold to discuss about the safe migration.
Safe Migration status activity in 10 villages of 02 Panchayat of Satganwan block of Koderma district
No. of Group Coverage
No of Group of Migrated Family found 126 3275
No of group of Adolescent Girl 111 2142
Peoples representatives /Officials 14 176
Awareness through different medium 15 3000
Total Reach8593

The Project -Childline

ChildLine Friendship Program:

This usually happens on childrens day on 14th November of every in which village teacher , Aanganwadi sewika , Ward members , and others to bind band to mark the protection of child in the area . So there were several such programs organised in different schools , police station and to aware the people on child right which was appreciated by all . Photograph of CHILDLINE friendship program on 18th Nov 2018 with child and Police Administration department – An example of coordination with every section of the society, a foundation stone of the concept to protect child by binding friendship band Lobbying , Advocacy and creating a larger group in the society to protect the child right – the photograph is an example in which under ChildLine friendship program Chief Guest Member of parliament representative Mr.Balmukund from Satganwan Block, Up Mukhiya Mrs. Amol Devi ji , were present 24 hours service for the children is child line is been established in Ashram premises at Bhakra is free service for all needy. The service 1098 is available for any one feeling problem, unsafe, the organisation reaches to the children if call is for any help, the organisation is working under ChildLine India foundation. The awareness drive is been done for ChildLine so that the people may take advantage of the services. There are various awareness subject is been taken like child abuse and violence, trafficking , child marriage, problem for street children , missing children , children without parents , child sexual abuse , child labour, orphans care , orphanage centre CWC shelter home etc. The organisation has been organising meeting with school, Police station (Thana), panchayat representatives, community members.
  • Capacity building is been executed for child line
  • The child line started with the meeting with the DC ,renowned person of the didstrict , peoples representatives , police administration , district child committee members.
  • Coordination with police station , health department , BDO office is been established to work collectively for the purpose .
  • Lets go to School: A campaign is been organised to Shool Chalen in the schools so that the left out of school children may be inducted in the school, approx. 1000 children were part of the campaign.
  • Swachta Campaign: The childline lead the swachta abhiyan in 15 schools in which 685 were aware on it , consequently the school premises is now found clean, the bathroom , toilets are becoming every day clean .
  • Awareness campaign through Temple: The awareness campaign is also been organised through Temple so that the child line get more popular and the service may be taken by all the villagers.
The campaign under ChildLine is expedited with different program like organising workshop, friendship program, awareness etc. In this line a meeting was organised with BDO of Satganwan to protect child right , a special focus was given on child marriage and child labour prevalent in the society which must be checked , the meeting has another dignitaries too like Mr.Bhuneshwar Oraon- Zila Parishad

Awareness Campaign through Temple

On the occasion of Mahashivratri, the organisation aware the believers to protect the child right in the block , this was organised under the guidance and mentorship of Baidnath Oraon – Zila Parishad and other dignitaries.

The Project- Bread for World-BFW

The Bringing better food security to poor and marginalized families of Jharkhand so that they are respected and can lead respectable life.
The project worked for Various livelihood initiatives in 150 tribal / dalit / backward caste / women led families for their food security.
Under this project, efforts were made to provide development with small financial support and connecting the mainstream with the Dalit backward families who need economic progress.
The project has worked for income generating work through agriculture with about 250 farmers of total 25 villages of Satgwan Markacho and Koderma block of Koderma district
The organization promoted vegetable growing, the farmers are doing vegetable cultivation along with paddy, selling in the local market and have comfortable income to run their family.

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