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The Project CRY-On Child Protection

The organisation is Implementing CRY project for child right, awareness is one of the core strategy of the project to provide child right to the child, RJSS has done innovation to aware the community, this is a drive mode with mission approach to understand each and every section of the society to inculcate the concept so that it become sustainable practice, become part and partial to practice such rights. To educate the women SHG was taken as platform, to educate the youths, Youths committee was selected , to aware the children, school was selected , to educate the Govt. Panchayat Raj , workshop , presence in health committee meetings , Panchayat Raj meeting was platform to aware the people.

Ensuring Participation in Aanganwadi

Aanganwadi is a rural child care centre which is established to combat child hunger and malnutrition. Aanganwadi centre provides basic health care in a village which includes nutrition education and supplementation, as well as pre-school activities for 3 to 6 years of age.
The project has played vital role in ensuring participation of the children, providing quality education at centre and has worked to mainstream in formal schooling to the next level. The organisation has tried to work on each of the objective of the Aanganwadi , has worked to ensure quality food , nutrition , helped in creating environment where children ‘s physical and mental state could grow.
Meri Patrika was used as tool to monitor the children their growth in targeted 200 children of 19 Aanganwadi Centre at Satganwan block of Koderma district, 36 children were found eligible for formal education in class 1st.

Irregular children to be enrolled Drop out children enrolled Regularize Mata Samiti Regular meeting with community
108 168 14 19 AWC

Model Anganwadi

Model, Prototype always speaks and easy for the people to follow, to replicate as a practical example and that’s with the community who believe in observing the thing happening within their whereabouts , the example created is easiest way to replicate rather using any tool. The organisation thrust is to create MODEL ANGANWADI, 7 Major Attributes of Model Anganbadi

Adolescent Group- A change Ambassador

Kishori Mandal is a platform provides Kishoris a confidence , decision power to take decision s for them selves , the platform has been acting a big role in doing changes and adopting the hellthy practices like sanitation , taking care of their general health , getting regular medication needed for them and are able to speak openly on child marriage on the geound of their health.

Village Child Protection Committee

Child protection committee is a village level committee to protect the different rights of the children by coordinating different organisation so that their right to survival, development, protection and participation rights could be safeguarded. The committee is run by Aanganwadi Sevika comprises of PRI members , SHG representatives , school committee members , NGOs representatives and Gram Pradhan of the villages

Stopping Child Marriage

The organisation is working on eliminating child marriage since 2012. The drastic change in child marriage is drop out from 80% to only 17% from 2012 to 2018. The organisation has done strong planning to combat the practice, the awareness drive through street play, awareness in schools, discussions with the intellectuals, Panchayat representatives and advocacy for the same with the religious Guru, intellectuals to made the system strong enough within the society so that the natural system could be built to avoid early marriage thus to check the death of the women for the larger benefit of the community, humanity.

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