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Educating poor children is one of the highest priority activities that the organization has undertaken on a large scale since its inception. The organization is so enthusiastic in educating children so has innumerable examples of educating poor children in a very innovative and exemplary manner , the children were picked even from far flung area of forest where the people doesn’t reach . The organization has experienced educating underprivileged children, orphans, PVTGs, Mica mining working children, school dropouts etc.
The organisation has started educating the poor and needy students without getting support of the funding agency , but gradually the people , agencies , Government recognised the work and extended support , Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in 2004 -05 was major work with more than 80000 students with more than 100 centres , several residential centres run for the forest dwellers under SSA. Working on child rights in association with CRY Kolkata since 2012, since 2018, successful efforts have been made to ensure 100 per cent enrolment, stay and quality education of the children of Mica affected families. Continual innovation continues with innovation.

Orphanage Centre

The only achievement and satisfaction comes running orphanage centre is the child from Ashram is successfully educated enough and competed to serve the motherland, Vijay and Surender is the example , now the organisation is proud that Vijay and Surender is a policemen to serve the country.

The son and the daughter of the organization are non than the needy orphans who regularly shelters in the premises of Ashram, the organization always nurture those children to a socialized , educated and a person who can earn their livelihood by their own. The number varies as some of them finally went to take higher education like ITI, engineering, in Sainik School. The organization has been fortunate to take the responsibility of 10 orphans. They are getting regular support from the organization in their education. They are placed in several good schools and colleges. One of the orphan is doing engineering from Durgapur Engineering College at West Bengal.

The Rashtriya Jharkhand Seva Sansthan always visualised the orphans to lead a normal life that’s why the organisation has been adopting orphans and given permanent shelter at Ashram premises, supported their education with the help of community contribution. A complete orphanage centre can cater the need of the orphans in Jharkhand.

Child Right

The organization has been working on children's rights and all round development since its inception, the organisation has been regularly aware the children and their parents through child group formation, the organisation was privileged to have associated with Bachpan Bachao Andolan.
There are several projects for child right is been run by the organisation , CRY Kolkata , Child Call Centre through CHILDLINE , worked on child right in mica mining area etc.

The project with CRY – Kolkata focuses on UN Convention on Children's rights, Health Improvement with Concentration of Children Focusing on providing rights for survival, development, protection and participation, nutrition, child marriage, adolescent empowerment and children's education. . The project has given a miraculous result in the project area, people in the community are taking it positively, schools are making it a practice, institutions of the poor are helping people.

The project TDH-The organisation is running child protection scheme for the Mica children funded by TDH , the noble project is protecting the children to avoid mica mining , taking education and helping their parents in creating alternate livelihood opportunity in the area. The project focuses on 3-6 years of age complete Early Childhood Education acts as Change Agents Children, formation of Village level Institutions like (Primary/SMC/VLCPC/ SHGs/VHSNCs) and beauty of the project it works on their parents too so that the children can lead a good life

CHILDLINE:24 hours service for the children is CHILDLINE is been established in Ashram premises at Bhakra is free service for all needy. The service 1098 is available for any one feeling problem, unsafe, the organisation reaches to the children if call is for any help, the organisation is working under ChildLine India foundation. The awareness drive is been done for ChildLine so that the people may take advantage of the services.
The organization has already formed health committees, organized health camps for children, strengthened school management committees (SMC) meetings and executed them regularly. For community and stakeholders like Mata Committee, ANM, ICDS Center Assistant, Village Health Committee (VHC), Disease Welfare Committee, Hospital Management Committee, Sahia, Doctors and School Management Committee, Parents, School Teachers. The organization has converged with Govt.officials and able to mobilise the top officials at the district level for better and proper implementation of government-run programs in the block.
The programs on child right is returning happiness in the face of children and their parents.


Sustainable Agriculture development Program
RJSS has been working in the Agriculture and horticulture to provide sustainable livelihood opportunity round the year, promotion of horticulture is one the option which has no maintenance if up bring rightly in initial phase. The organization has promoted fruit plants, timber plants, papaya for the poor farmers.

FARM Based Training

Training on Vegetable cultivation Agriculture is the main source of livelihood of the rural population of Jharkhand, erratic rainfall does not allow farmer to do round the year cropping in their field, although small amount of water at dug well always attract farmer to do some crop. RJSS has took advantage and provided training on vegetable growing who can manage water round the year. Training and exposure visit with the trained trainers provided good result. There were 70 farmers who have taken training at Ashram promised and are doing vegetable cultivation, they have started earning also.
RJSS has been providing training to the rural youths since long to get them economically self-sustainable. The organization has focussed not only on farm but on non- farm activities too.

System of Rice Intensification

RJSS promoted System of Rice Intensification (SRI) with farmers in Satganwan block of Koderma district. There were proper training on seed selection, nursery, field preparation, marking, transplantation and conoweeder application.

Skill development on Lac, Production, Processing and making produce of Lac:

RJSS in Khunti district among 40 Lac grower women imparted training in 15 villages on Lac production, processing, and finally making produce out of lac. A comprehensive training was provided by skilled trainer in the district for lac produce such as bangles, pots, etc. Lac Chauri is prepared after melting the lac, is a material used in production of final produce of Lac. Producing Lac CHAURI requires different skill so training on Chauri was also provided before making its final product.
RJSS in Khunti district among 40 Lac grower women imparted training in 15 villages on Lac production, processing, and finally making produce out of lac. A comprehensive training was provided by skilled trainer in the district for lac produce such as bangles, pots, etc. Lac Chauri is prepared after melting the lac, is a material used in production of final produce of Lac. Producing Lac CHAURI requires different skill so training on Chauri was also provided before making its final product.

Sewing and Cutting Training
RJSS has a good experience in promoting sewing and cutting based entrepreneurship to women since a long, it has always been providing training to rural SHG women, this year too 264 women through 8 centres have been provided training.


RJSS has been working for health improvement of the community focusing on both in demand and supply side , the community is been mobilized, aware on the health issues, capacity built and on demand side the Govt. agencies are been mobilised to provide the better services. Organizing General health camps in different villages, Eye Health camps , working on maternal and child health, reproductive and child health and community mental health are such area on improving health of the society where the organization is regularly intervening. Poor health status of the community is key factor of the poverty, the poor are unaware of preventive cure rather reluctantly go for curing while in trouble. The poor people are always get trapped into the problems of health hazard , the consequence is that it make them poor. The organization has taken initiative of organizing health camps, converge with the Govt. existing facilities available in sub centre, PHC , CHS , immunization , taking benefits of AWC , institutional delivery.

Health Camp:-

RJSS has been organizing health camps on general health , eye check- up camp in different part of the blocks specially in the remote locality of the villages where the villagers are unable to reach block centre, hospitals . The focus is always on poor community members at unreached places and with unreached community.

Community mental health program

RJSS has been working for mental ill people , are vulnerable section of the society , among them, women are the worst vulnerable. Mentally ill people are always seen in the platform, bus stand and in the roads moving around, are not been thought of by any segment of the society. The organization has been working on the serious issue since last 12 years 2002

Health Education:

The organization has been working on educating community on different health issues. There are different village level institution of the poor which is been used for awaring the community such as SHGs, adult group, health committee, youth group, children Akhra.
Awareness building has been quite a successful program. Community has been taking initiative on all front, institutional delivery has increased, children are regularly been immunized

Women Empowerment and Institution of Women

The organisation has been working since last 20 years on women empowerment. Women empowerment in RJSS refers to increasing the economic, political, social, educational, gender, or spiritual strength. The organisation has been working with members of SHG to provide economic freedom through bank linkages and creating women entrepreneur through skill development programs, it has been building them as self- reliant, and independent entrepreneur. Educating the girl child has been focus and the organization has expertise in it, provided education to hundreds of poor children from remote area of the state. RJSS is providing poor women leading their group, their business, a platform to gather and owning their own dais to convey the world their concern and share their happiness of empowerment. RJSS has always been putting its best effort to empower them financially, socially, politically and to instil leadership quality, to strongly stand on their own, can run their livelihood and above all can boldly face the situation of molestation, abuse prevailed in the society.


Poverty alleviation of the poor has been major challenge to the country, the strong institution of the poor in form women SHGs and federation has played vital role in eliminating poverty. The poor members of the SHG managed to come out of clutches of money lenders, have access of easy and affordable access of loan amount from their small saving. The women under RJSS guidance have formed SHGs in the area coming together on a self-selection basis for sharing their common concerns, pool their own resources (both financial and non-financial) and work together for their personal, social, economic and political development.”
To improve the socio economic status of the women, R.J.S.S. has been actively involved on S.H.G. Bank linkage and promoting internal lending within the group. The SHGs have now empowered and got freedom from the clutches of money lenders.
RJSS has promoted total of 789 SHGs Several groups have been provided bank linkages . These groups are doing several livelihood activities like Dairy, Vegetable cultivation, Agriculture , Goatry, Bangles shop, Pattal Plate making etc. The livelihood activities has raised their income level and helped to improve their social and economic status in the society.


RJSS has been working on environment issues rioght from beginning to save the people from its ill effect.

HARIT CHETNA: An innovative initiative of saving the environment has been quite successful in saving the forest. The abhiyan was an innovative in the sense that the people who used to cut the forest was voluntarily involved in saving the forest and involved in extensive plantation to protect the environment. An innovative initiative of Raksha Bandhan to bind ribbon on the trees understanding that this is a knot between the sister and the brother and the brother will never destroy the relationship in lifetime as is in Raksha Bandhan. The idea is to bind the community towards spirituality to save the trees. There were several activities under the umbrella of saving the forest. Community mobilization was major activity which was also been done in mission mode and in different fashion so that the people may really understand the need of protecting the forest. The villagers, volunteers and other stake holders like forest committee were given exhaustive training on the issue and created a big team to protect the forest.
Organization has been working on Harit chetna focussing five areas of intervention to execute this innovative initiative. Following is the major component

  • Awareness building: Mass level awareness program is been organised to aware the villagers specially forest dwellers
  • Street Play: Street play has been organized ,taking school children
  • Strengthening Forest Committee: Forest committee members are been mobilised to accomplish this Harit Chetna
  • Forest regeneration The fast reduction of forest plant is the result of cutting trees but in some ways it could also be compensated by plantation of the trees also. The organization has taken this issue very seriously and by the help of the community, it plants fruit plants
  • Forest Raksha Bandhan Program (A specialized intervention to protect forest)An innovative initiative of Raksha Bandhan to bind ribbon on the trees not to cut the tree has been initiated
There are various innovations have also been introduced to save the forest under Raksha Bandhan Program like Pad Yatra, Cycle Yatra, Motorcycle Yatra, Bhikchatan and meeting with the villagers. It has great impact on saving the forest by the villagers.

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