Covid 19


Response to Covid 19

The unabated spread of Covid-19 has placed immense strain on organisations and communities dealing with this humanitarian crisis. Marginalised communities face the greatest risk since they are struggling to meet their daily needs. Since March 2020, RJSS has provided immediate relief assistance to over 20500 marginalized people by distributing 1720 dry ration kits and supported hospitals. forntline workers with 6325 marks, 1800 litres sanitizers and 600 liters disinfectant. We have been providing customized relief kits to local areas comprising of essentials and staples to provide appropriate nutrition and immediate food relief to those impacted by the pandemic. Due consideration has been given to adhere to standards of nutritional requirements, especially for women and girls, and groups such as people living with disability to help them in these challenging times. To safeguard our frontline workers we helped procure/supply PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including N95 Masks, surgical gloves, surgical caps, hand sanitizers, floor disinfectants to hospitals and other frontline workers. Imparting Knowledge on preventing the spread of Covid-19 and busting myths around the same has become an integral part of our projects and messaging. We have also provided support to communities in adopting appropriate preventive pratices.

Hygiene behaviors and creating linkages to testing and treatment services for COVID 19. Since a big spike in cases of domestic violence has been reported in and posts the lockdown, RJSS has been raising awareness through women friendly spaces at our distribution centers. Our social media platforms carried updates on various gender based violence. As the country learns to live with Covid 19 RJSS is helping vulnerable communities and returning migrants revive livelihoods, bridge the gap in education for children and help strengthen health systems, in partnership with our donors.