Women Empowerment


Woman Empowerment

The overall objective of the program is to strengthen processes that promote economic development of women and create an environment for social change. The specific objectives are to establish women’s self-help groups (SHGs), sensitize and strengthen the institutional capacity of support agencies to proactively address women’s needs, increase the incomes of poor women, develop linkages between SHGs and lending institutions to ensure women’s access to credit financing; and improve access to better health care, education and drudgery reduction facilities.

Women are worst affected when it comes to unemployment and poverty. Women empowerment through self-reliance and financial independence can be achieved by providing vocational training, through which women can either start up something of their own or take- up a job. RJSS has provided various Sewing and Cutting Training to make women SHG self-sufficient and confident. Interested women are trained for cutting, embroidery, and tailoring. Further, basic tailoring skills enable women to work from home, they can continue in their traditional role as homemaker and yet earn.

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