Child Rights


Child Rights

At the bottom of the social pyramid, children are the one who are most vulnerable to chronic hunger, malnutrition, disease and mortality, exclusion from education, distress migration, homelessness, HIV infection, child labour, trafficking and disability. RJSS continues to remain a cause of concern for child rights and ensures lasting impact in the lives of underprivileged children. RJSS believes that children deserve a better future, where they can realize their full potential. The organization reaches out to girls, boys, youth and their caregivers from Dalit communities, tribal, backward classes and ethnic minority communities. The focus of the organization is to create awareness and sensitization of children, parents and government on child rights, capacity building and strengthening of stakeholders and committees like School Management Committee (SMC), Mata Samiti, ANM, Sahayika of ICDS centre, Village Health Committee (VHC), Rogi Kalyan Samiti, Hospital Management Committee, Sahiya, Doctors, Village Education Committee etc. and promoting community-based child protection system, along with its effective integration into the larger structure. The organization has been contributed to a spurt of migration, child labour, child marriage, trafficking, malnutrition and increased vulnerability of children in poor and excluded families.

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  • Responsible Mica Initiative (RMI)

In order to ensure four basic rights of children i.e. Right to survival, Right to protection, Right to participation and Right to development, the organization is disseminating awareness through Wall Writing, Awareness Campaign, Street Plays about Child’s education, safety and promotion. Besides the organization has been also organizing many types of programs and meetings for advocacy. With the cooperation of the administration, the efforts have been also made to reduce child marriage. The percentage of Child Marriage in the block has come down to 37 percent, which was 85 percent earlier. In the year 2019, the organization got success in reducing child marriage and successfully stopped 14 child marriages.

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