Water Conservation


Water Conservation

Prichhri village of Markacho block of Koderma district is very remotely located village surrounded by forest and hilly tracks. With a population of 250 and 37 households, the villagers have access to only 108 unirrigated uplands. As per the Socio Economic Caste Census 2011, the highest income of the family is less than Rs 5000 per Month. Income from the unirrigated land only supports the family consumption for few months. Major Source of their income is from Dhibra picking as well as working as casual labour.

Socio Economic Caste Census also Classified 30 out of 37 households under "deprived household" category. The strategic point was identified on to construct the sub surface dyke by the guidance of technical expert. Village level meeting was conducted to mobilize community to donate labour for the masonry structure. A thin wall of brick masonry/cement concrete of 15cm thickness was erected across the bed level of a drainage line of 200 feet length and 16 feet height.

Increase in moisture of top soil. As an impact of the sub surface dyke, the rain water accumulated in sub surface which resulted in retention of moisture in the top soil. The surrounding agriculture land increased coverage of winter crop. before the construction of dyke, hardly anyone grows anythings in their land during winter season. Soon after the completion of sub surface dyke, there were no rain.

Every one suffered but some farmers utilized the water available on the downstream part of the sub surface dyke and cultivated potato. Some famers grew various crops like Wheat, Mustard, Onion, Potato, Vegetable

Increase in water level of open well the water level during the month of February use to remain at 3 feet high, but after the sub surface dyke, the water level increased to 10-12 feet high.The Water can be used for growing vegetable during summer season.

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